A boutique graphic design studio crafting distinctive websites & brands.

WE BELIEVE that good design is priceless, and the investment in creating a distinctive brand and website is critical to your business’s success.


WE BELIEVE each brand and website should have a personality that draws customers in and keeps them engaged with your business.


WE BELIEVE in relationships—with you, with your users and audience, with our creative community, and a lifelong relationship with education.


WE BELIEVE in combining aesthetic vision with pragmatic insight to create a distinctive and functional brand and web design.

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About the Founder

"I founded this studio two years ago to serve and empower entrepreneurs and business owners. I was raised by small business owners; I saw their frustration and the high costs associated with branding and web design, and decided I wanted to change that standard through relationships, education, and a passion for beautiful design.

When I’m not spending time designing for y'all—my amazing clients!—I’m likely redecorating my home in Salt Lake City, Utah or sipping on a cappuccino or perusing editorials & magazines."


From when we were Brick+Rose Creative to becoming Treadaway Co. Design . . .


Our original studio name, Brick+Rose Creative, emphasized our mission to build a strong brick foundation for your brand and business and to surround it with a design as beautiful as roses. This mission hasn’t changed.

Nevertheless, all businesses grow, change and take on a new personalities, and sometimes this growth requires a new name. After six months of walking around with a tiny notebook, jotting down over a hundred different words and phrases that inspired us, we found one phrase that kept coming up: Treadaway Co.

This studio represents five years of design experience, three years of journalism and editing experience, two years of running a creative studio, and a lifetime of curating fine design.

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