Brand Messaging: Why Your Words are as Important as Your Visuals

Many of my clients tell me they want to start branding but they don’t know the best way to begin because they feel like their business is still evolving, or they just aren’t the same anymore and don’t know how to explain what it is they do now.

You may think you need to have a clear and concrete written vision to begin the branding process but when you partner with a good brand specialist, that’s rarely the case. You may think you only need a logo and everything else will fall into place and your customers will just magically understand all the thought and passion you put into your work.

What you actually need is established brand messaging.

You need to be able to synthesize your entire history, your services, your purpose and why you’re better than the competition in just a few sentences or paragraphs.

When someone asks you what you do or what your company is all about, you should be able to have at least 30 seconds of a gosh darn good pitch to make to that person! Knowing how you talk about yourself and how your business communicates across multiple platforms is key. If you can’t tell people what you’re about, you can’t expect them to tell other people what you’re about.

So how do you get there?

For starters, stop thinking your new/old/fresh logo will resonate with your customer base. Logos don’t resonate. Stories resonate. And logos reinforce. If you’re not embarking down a brand messaging road, ask yourself the question, “What is your story?” then ask yourself, “How can that be represented visually?” The brand messaging shouldn’t begin by saying, “We need to visually represent ourselves.” Then saying, “Also, we should probably tell people what we do.”

Having effective and established brand messaging means that you always can pull from one document for publishing, writing blog posts, sending out promotional materials, drafting emails, etc.

Do you know how you talk about yourself?

Do you know how others talk about you?

Do you want to control that message?

If your answer is no to any of those questions, it’s time you seriously look into your brand messaging and how you talk about your business.

BrandingCatherine Blakemore