First Impressions: Five Keys to Designing a Logo that Resonates

So you have a business idea, or you’re rebranding—great! I'm glad you've found your way over to our studio blog.

To make your brilliant brand stand out, you need a brilliant logo. But most business owners and entrepreneurs ask, "What makes a brilliant logo?"


Trends change constantly. You can design a logo that is trendy and current if you want, but chances are you’ll want to change it in a few years’ time.

To create an original logo, you want to avoid trends. If you like the current trends, great! Take your favorite aspects of the current trends and do something new with it. Think of Starbucks’ logo–there isn’t another logo like it. 

Sure, it’s been tweaked over the years. Most recently, it’s been simplified in order to “keep up” with the minimalist trend. However, the design has essentially remained the same, and no one else has a logo like it.


Have you ever seen a beautiful logo, but you couldn’t even begin to guess what kind of business it was for? Or maybe one of the elements of the logo looks cool but it's totally out-of-place in that industry?

There are a lot of good logos that don’t quite fit the genre of the business it represents. You want your logo to speak to your intended audience. Toys R Us looks like it’s meant for kids.

World Wildlife Fund’s panda is iconic, too. Pandas (besides being loved by everybody) are widely known to be endangered. It appeals to many by being a popular animal, and appeals specifically to those with environmental concerns who may be willing to support the nonprofit.


Your logo will be used in many places—business cards, your website, print and digital products, profile pictures, etc. You want a logo that can be easily scaled, as well as used on all of your products in some shape or form.

As a studio we only design our clients' logos using black and white from the start. We scale it up, scale it down, look at it on our phone screens both indoors and outdoors, print it out, fold it, and more! It's important to understand that your logo is the first face of your whole brand so it needs to be recognizable and clear—no matter the medium.

You can have an awesome logo, but if it can’t be used on every single one of your products, what real use does it have?


What’s the most well-known logo in the world? The Nike swoosh. The swoosh was designed decades ago by a design student, and now most Nike ads don’t even say “Nike" because they don't need to.

The swoosh is recognizable and it’s been around long enough that the symbol now replaces the name. You want a logo that is recognizable from a distance, even if it’s a different color or on a different product.

Your new logo needs to be as memorable as your client experience and the service / product you're providing.


The Disney logo has hardly changed since it was designed. It’s iconic and effective and will likely never change. It’s hardly even been tweaked, unlike the Starbucks logo. It’s timeless as is. The best logos are unique and, rather than following the trends, they aim to really represent your brand and style.

Don’t misunderstand—minimalism, for example, is very “in” right now. But, you can have a minimalist logo without being trendy! Most of these logos, in fact, are very minimal, particularly Apple and Nike. Even so, they’re unique and timeless.

Timelessness also means it's something that you're proud to share years down the road and don't look back on the early years of your brand and cringe!

If you combine all of these aspects, you’ll end up with a beautiful logo that really represents your brand, one people will remember for years to come.

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