Professional Copywriting: Why it's as Important as Web Design

In our digital age, whether you own a storefront or an online business, having a website is the best way to bring in clients. When creating that website, the first thing business owners often consider is design. A well-designed website is vital if you want to make a good first impression; however, good design is not what puts you at the top of Google searches, nor is it the only thing that convinces your clients to invest in your product.

Your copy and content is just as important as your design.

What is copywriting?

Copywriting, also known as copy or content, refers to all things written on your website. This includes your about page, your services page, your home page, and every other web page, as well as every single blog post. It also includes emails, social media posts, newsletters, etc.

Why is copywriting important?

SEO relies on copy.

Despite the rapid increase in social media advertising, internet searches are still responsible for a large percentage of leads. The amount of traffic your website receives is directly related to where you show up in a Google search. One study found that 18 percent of clicks go to the first link in a Google search, while the third link gets only 7 percent. This dramatic decrease in clicks is proof enough of the importance of ranking. To ensure you outrank your competition in a Google search, your website must be optimized for search engines. SEO (search engine optimization) relies on content.

The words you use on each individual web page determine your ranking. For example, there are many people searching for your services or products, but there are also many other business owners in your niche. Let’s say you’re a photographer based in Salt Lake City. If your competition uses the proper keywords, such as “Salt Lake City” and “photography” six, seven, or eight times on their web page and you use the same keywords only twice, they will outrank you in a Google search.

To ensure you outrank your competition in Google searches, you need to utilize the proper keywords and utilize them often.

However, this isn’t as easy as it sounds. Discovering the best keywords is not as easy as using your city and “photography” or “real estate.” SEO is much more complicated and can take quite a bit of research in order to develop copy that reaches its full potential.

Content seals the deal.

Imagine your ideal client is scouring Google and social media and clicks on your link. If your website is designed well, they will likely start clicking through your web pages for more information. However, if the necessary information (who you are, what you offer, why you are the best in your niche) is missing, unclear, or vague, they will immediately look elsewhere. They may even invest in a competitor whose web design is subpar. Why? Because, while you made a good first impression with your web design, you failed to provide them with the information necessary to convince them you are the best choice.

No one likes uncertainty; no one wants to invest their time and money into something they are unsure about. If you want to increase your conversion rates, make sure your content provides the information they need to feel confident in their investment.

Content demonstrates credibility.

Good design shows viewers that you are not only care about your business, but that you are a professional in your field. Your web content can do the same as long as it is written well.

Effective content must be many things:

Clear: Your content needs to be easily understood. Readers are not willing to put in the effort necessary to decipher a complicated sentence. They would rather go back and click the next link on Google.

Correct: Your credibility relies on the correctness of your copy. If your reader finds a misspelled word, a false statistic, or a typo, their trust in your plummets, and they will likely seek out your competition.

Informative: As stated above, no one likes uncertainty. If you provide your readers with all the information they need to invest in your product, they will be more likely to trust that you will not only do the job, but you will do it well.

Content creates a connection.

Not only must your content be clear, correct, and informative, but it must also connect with your readers on a professional and/or personal level. To accomplish this, your copy must be engaging. Simply put, no one likes boring content. You want your web copy to draw readers in.

Does this mean you need to tell personal stories, be energetic, and talk to your audience like they are your best friend? Not at all, which brings us to our next point: appropriateness.

You have a target audience. Depending on who you are trying to reach, be it other business owners, college students, artists, or brides, your content will be different. A business owner will look for statistics and a professional tone, while a college student might look for an upbeat tone and trending buzzwords.

If your content meets all the above requirements, you are more likely to draw in your perfect client–the one who is most likely to invest in you and your services. 

Content is free advertising.

Business owners are often encouraged to tier their products and provide everything from free worksheets and downloads, to all-inclusive packages worth hundreds or thousands of dollars; however, many business owners are afraid to offer free products because they do not generate income. But freebies are just as important as all-inclusive packages when it comes to making sales.

Free things give your viewers the chance to give your product a test-run. Not many people would buy a car without a test drive. The same often goes for any other investment.

The good news is that there are many ways to provide free value other than giving away any physical product. Valuable content is one of the top ways to allow your potential clients to “test drive” your product. That test drive may be just the thing someone needs in order to make the purchase.

The best way to offer free and valuable information that creates rather than loses sales is through content. Blogs, newsletters, social media posts, online mini-courses, digital worksheets and workbooks may not be physical products, but they are valuable–or they can be, if done right.

A good blog post, for example, will provide readers with useful tips, suggestions, or knowledge that they can apply themselves. The knowledge you provide, however, will not make your potential client an expert in your field. (A professional photographer could write dozens of how-to blog posts, but none of those posts will turn a reader into an expert.)

In the end, the valuable content you create should work to increase a reader’s knowledge and skill, while simultaneously proving to them that investing in a professional service or product is the wisest choice.

Not only will valuable content increase conversion rates, but digital copy is also easily sharable. If a reader finds a lot of value in your blog or social media post, it’s highly likely that they’ll share it. This allows your website to grow organically without putting more money into advertising.

Another important thing to remember is that content should be branded. This means that your voice should be consistent across every platform with which you push content, from the blog posts you write to the tweets you post. Developing your brand voice is essential to retaining credibility and connecting with your audience.

The power of content is sorely underestimated amongst business owners. But if you want to increase your traffic and conversion rates, your website must have well-crafted copy that is clear, informative, honest, and optimized to push you to the top of a Google search. You need copy that engages your target audience and convinces them to invest in your product.

Sound daunting? Hiring a professional copywriter is the best way to ensure your copy gets you the most traffic (and highest conversion rates) possible. Professional copywriters have the knowledge and skills to create copy that engages your target audience and demonstrates your credibility in order to increase your traffic and conversion rates.

Hiring a copywriter is an investment, but an important one that will pay for itself in the end.

BusinessCatherine Blakemore