Web Design: How A Professionally Designed Website Pays for Itself

A website is one of, if not the most powerful tool you have at your disposal to grow an audience and gain clients. That means it is especially important for your website to be attractive and functional.

You may think: I don’t need a good website; my product speaks for itself!

But while your product may be awesome, you can’t rely on that to gain clients. Why?

You have eight seconds to capture a viewer's attention.

You know the phrase “don’t judge a book by its cover”? Unfortunately, that rule rarely applies to anything, ever. We grab books from the shelf that catch our eye; we buy products with attractive packaging. Even the least design-oriented of us are subconsciously attracted to aesthetically pleasing products.

The same goes for websites. How many times have you clicked a link and immediately clicked the back button? We have, many times.

You have a maximum of 8 seconds to capture a viewer’s attention–if you don’t make a good first impression, your potential clients will never read your content. If they never read your content, they’ll never see your awesome product. If they never see your awesome product, they’ll never invest in your product. That’s definitely not what you want.

It needs to be mobile-friendly (and be just as beautiful and functional).

2016 marked the first year that mobile page views surpassed desktop pageviews. You’re supposed to meet your customers where they’re at. That’s why social media advertising is so popular these days–because that’s where people spend most of their mobile time.

If your website isn’t mobile friendly, you’re losing customers! Hard-to-navigate mobile sites are all too common. You don’t want your potential clients to have to zoom in and out, squint their eyes to see small links and headers, or wait for images and links and ads and product pages to load. We can guarantee your customers will give up and move away from your site if your website is a hassle to navigate. A good mobile site is functional without losing your beautiful branding.

It’s the ultimate passive customer service tool.

Even when you’re sleeping, your website is not. That means, in a way, you’re always available to your potential clients when you have a website. When you’re groggy or feeling antisocial or down in the dumps, your website (if beautifully designed + functional) is always putting your best face forward for you.

What does this do? It allows potential clients to find you at any hour of the day; it lets old clients return to and/or shoot you an email at any hour of the day; it lets your clients easily refer you to others by sending along a link.

If your website is beautiful, user-friendly, easy to access, and has a contact form, you’re guaranteed to gain more traffic and keep viewers on your page for more than a few seconds.

It provides you instant credibility with potential customers and competitors.

Remember learning how to find credible sources for a school paper? If you’re like us, you were told not to use Wikipedia, but you were also told to look at the design of the site. Does it look professional? Current? Or does it look out-dated and cheesy? Does it have a clean design or flashing backgrounds and clipart? (Pro tip: don’t use clipart.)

If your website doesn’t look professional, your potential clients will assume you aren’t professional. The design of your website is a representation of your brand. Flashy (literally) or outdated design will automatically dock your credibility.

However, if your website is simple, clean and eye-catching, you’ll instantly gain the trust of potential clients. A well-designed website shows you really care about your brand and your work.

It informs your brand’s perceived — and actual — value.

If your website looks beautiful down to the last detail, potential clients will assume your product is, too. Even if what you provide isn’t a physical item, clients still expect your emails, your process, and the results of your services to be beautiful. Let them know you care about quality and that your product will add value to their lives, by making sure you have a beautiful and functional website.

With so little time to make a good first impression, it’s important to make a good first impression to ensure you keep your potential clients on your website. You want them to invest in you, not someone else. That’s why it’s important to invest in good design–it’ll pay for itself in the long run.

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