Location, Location, Location: Unconventional Places to Use Your Logo

Many of my clients mention after they go through a rebrand how they aren’t sure of all the different ways and different places to use their new logo.

There’s some of the standard options like letterhead and business cards and whatnot, but there’s many not-so-obvious places to use your new logo depending on your industry.

Welcome Packets

If you work in the service industry, Welcome Packets are essential.

Whether you provide them digitally or in print format, Welcome Packets give you the opportunity to tell your client more about you and your brand; provide timelines, summaries, and descriptions of project packages; and give your client a good feel of how you do business before the real business even starts.

Using your logo on these materials (print or digital) will ensure every part of your business and workflow is cohesive and branded. If your brand is solid, your clients will feel more confident investing in your services!

Thank You Cards

Your logo can (and should) be used at every stage of every project, from Welcome Packets to Thank You cards. You've already provided your client or customer with a branded Welcome Packet and you've finished the project.

Now it's time to ensure your client is sent off with warm, fuzzy feelings about you and your brand so they either become a returning customer or spread the word about your services as a brand evangelist.

One way to encourage valuable word-of-mouth marketing is by sending thoughtful, branded Thank You cards. Once a project is finished, most clients assume the communication with their vendor or consultant is over. They are on their own once the project wrap-up is complete—wrong!

Sending a branded Thank You card adds a personal and professional touch and ensures them that you are still there cheering them on. It lets them know that they were special to you in some way and that you intend to keep the relationship alive. And who doesn't like to be told they're special?

Website Footer

How often do you scroll to the bottom of a webpage to find the "Careers" or "FAQ" page? We do, and we do it almost every time we visit a new site! Not all the links on a website are provided in the header or navigation bar (which is a good thing–no one likes clutter!) so we scroll down.

It’s a critical factor of reinforcing your brand by including your logo in more than one spot on your website aside from the very top.

Having your logo in your footer makes your brand even more memorable. The more often your clients see your logo, the more likely they are to remember it. Your footer is just as important as your header.

USB Flash Drives

You know that feeling you get when you order your first set of business cards with your logo on them? Now imagine how you'd feel if every item you used for your business was branded, even your flash drives!

It's likely that you have flash drives for your own personal use. Much like business cards, having your logo on your flash drives makes you look (and feel) professional; and, if you're like every other business owner we've worked with, you often doubt yourself and how professional your business comes across.

Not only are branded flash drives good for your soul, they're good for your clients, too! Whether you're a photographer, a videographer, a designer, a consultant or an infopreneur, flash drives can be the superior touch in giving your final product to your client.

These little touches enhance the client experience, reinforce your brand and visual identity and ensure they will return or refer you to others.


Do you mail out Welcome Packages? Thank You cards? General notes? Client referral gifts? If you send any of the above via old-school snail mail, personalized postage stamps are a wonderful way to go the extra mile. They add that perfect, professional touch to any envelope or package and help your client remember your brand. You can also use rubber self-inking stamps for packaging or return address labels (like we do!).

We are in no way affiliated with Minted but that’s our big recommendation to get personalized rubber self-inking stamps and personalized postage stamps. All you have to do is just upload your logo!

When you’re running a business, every single detail matters.

Cohesive branding is one of the most powerful tools you have when it comes to gaining and retaining clients. Make sure you have a good logo, and then utilize it everywhere you can.

You'll make a strong impact on your clients if you're well-branded and add personal touches through every part of the project process.